#APIStrat Is Where The Key API Conversations Are Happening

I’m working with Phil Legetter (@leggetter) to put together a panel at API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam on APIs and realtime, and as I’m working to bring together the leaders from the space together, I can’t help but think of past APIStrat panels. At APIStrat we are looking to pull together the leaders from different business sectors and have a conversation on where we are, and where things are going with trends like API aggregation, automation, design, BaaS and realtime.

At APIStrat, NYC 203 we brought together the leaders from the backend as a service (BaaS) space, including Ilya Sukhar (@ilyasu) of Parse, Morgan Bickle (@morganbickle) of Kinvey, Marc Weil (@marcweil) of Cloudmine, Miko Matasumura (@mikojava) of Kii, Ty Amell (@tyamell) of StackMob James Tamplin (@jamestamplin) of Firebase, resulting in a pretty interesting discuss about what is BaaS, and the future of the fast growing trend in using APIs for mobile development.

Fast-forward to March of 2014, Parse has been acquired by Facebook, Stackmob acquired by Paypal and shut-down just last week, and the speed at which the tech sector moves is really evident. I started tracking on BaaS in 2011, and just 3 years later the space has evolved fast—making conversations like the APIStrat BaaS panel critical in helping shape the industry.

As APIs + realtime technologies gain in popularity amongst startups and leading tech companies, its time to get together and have a conversation with leading tech companies in the realtime space like Pusher, Pubnub, Firebase, and Fanout.io to name a few. Much like BaaS, the important conversations around key trends in API like realtime, will be occurring at APIStrat.

These conversations are why the 3Scale team and API Evangelist put on #APIStrat, and look forward to you being part of these important discussions. Make sure you are registered for API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam, March 26-28th.