Overview Of Backend as a Service (BaaS) White Paper

I've been working on expanding the amount of research and writing I can do via API Evangelist lately. In the last couple weeks I rolled out new projects in three areas: API Toolkits, API Trends, API Priorities. This new approach is helping me focus on the areas I think are most important or exciting to the API space and generate as much, high quality news, analysis and white papers for the API space as I can.

The first of my white papers, using my new approach is finished. The new paper is called Overview Of The Backend as a Service (BaaS) Space, and is the aggregation of all my research into the BaaS space. Here is a breakdown of the white paper:

Much of the research, news, analysis and data that went into this white paper is available at baas.apievangelist.com. As I do with most of my work, I will be publishing all my BaaS research to this Github project, allowing anyone to view, fork or download. The BaaS project will also have a full version, available as a PDF for $99.00. My goal is to subsidize my research via sales of white papers and the support of my partners. If you can't afford, tune into the BaaS project, but if you'd like to support what I do you can purchase a copy.

I'm working on other papers that are part of all of my API ToolkitsAPI Trends and API Priorities research areas. If you'd like to get more access to my research, news, analysis and data, or would like to support what I do, please let me know.