Summing It All Up

BaaS is an evolution.  Its not a revolution, gamer changer or ground breaking new technology.  It is a logical response to the demand for mobile applications and how to logically bring together individual API driven resources into a loosely couple stack, that will allow mobile developers to build apps more efficiently.

If we do this right, we can meet the demand of our growing need for apps on our mobile and tablet devices as well as the backend compute resources needed for the other areas of the growing, Internet connected world. 

This white paper ws authored by Kin Lane, of API Evangelist.  Other stories, as well as short form or long form analysis on this subject, and supporting open data can be found at http://baas.apievangelist.com.

This document is a living white paper and will change month to month as the BaaS industry evolves.  You can download and fork the project via Github and access all the content, news, analysis as well as data sets from the research.

Since this document is a living white paper, it may contain minor errors in formatting, grammar or spelling.  Please let me know and I'll correct for the next revision.